The Rowan 2 launch!

The Rowan 2 launch event in Fullerton, CA knocked it out of the park! The evening started with Rowan's invitational baseball game and was followed by the global debut of BLURRY. Thanks Vans and Rowan for having us. Here’s a selection of photos from the night.

The Rowan 2 is now up for grabs at skate shops and Vans retailers around the globe!


Rowan's dad got to throw the first pitch


Steve Van Doren is the best host

Before the game, Vans held a cash for tricks contest right next to the field. 


Holmes was there with the cash

Max and The Boss
LA Dodgers's DJ Severe was there 
The crowd was ready
When Rowan says baseball, we play baseball
The Bunt's Cephas Benson was on the Other Team
Salba and Rick McCrank
The mound got rushed!
Ray Barbee
For some reason there was a race involving dinosaurs at some point!
Back to the show
Breana killed it
Next was the premiere of Blurry to conclude the evening
Thanks Rowan
Watch BLURRY here!
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