Vans Skateboarding presents - "BLURRY"

Vans Skateboarding presents "BLURRY," an inside look at Rowan Zorilla's recent travels and adventures with the Vans Skate Team worldwide. Having filmed most of the footage himself on a personal pocket camera, Rowan also co-edited the video alongside filmmaker Greg Hunt, making "BLURRY" an authentic view of the world through Rowan's eyes.


Featuring Rowan Zorilla, Zion Wright, Digby Luxton, Elijah Berle, Curren Caples, Nelly Moreville, Etienne Gagne, Martino Cattaneo, Holly Wawn, Rory Milanes, Danny Brady, Willow Voges Fernandes, Chima Ferguson, Andrew Allen, Ben Kadow, Breana Geering, and Diego Todd.

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