Kelowna's Jaxon Truitt just dropped his latest video, entitled "Yes, My Brother", featuring a slew of people and footage from Kelowna, Vancouver, and parts in between. Settle in for some great skating from the likes of Tyson Branston, Connor Belvis, Ryan Siemens, Ross Ouellette, and more.
Featuring, in order of appearance:
Tavish Gibson
Tyson Branston
Andrew Winiarz
Brandon Curcio
Reid Danyluk
Nick Ogilvie
Connor Belvis
Ryan Siemens
Rob Jasiorkowski
Tom Robinhood
Mark Johnson
Johnny Tassopoulos
Taelyn Lowe
Kaiden Ingram
Tj Snelling
Ryan Bjorgan
Ross Ouellette
Andy Lamonica
Jaxon Truitt
Matt Stevens
Additional Filmers: Ty James, Mike Vince, Ryan Bjorgan
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