Spencer Legebokoff's “Velvet” was filmed over the course of three years, primarily in the Kootenay region of BC and also features spots in Victoria, BC. The film first premiered at Vladimir Film Festival in September of 2021, then premiered in Nelson and Victoria, BC. Skating in both the Kootenays and Victoria is rough, weather-torn and requires a fair amount of dedication and creativity to make spots work. Spencer's vision for Velvet was to produce a film that was laced in a jazzy atmosphere while holding an unpretentious tone. Velvet is a dedication to the friendships between the skaters in the film and the relationships between skaters and their rugged urban landscapes.
Skating by: Ben Demoskoff, Cort Watt, Curtis Engdahl, Devin Miller, Drew Copleston, Javier Ariza, Leo Graceffo, Lucas Hodges, Sam Fisher, Spencer Legebokoff and Tommy Fleming.

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