Vans South Africa Presents: FACETIOUS

Feel like going on a (virtual) trip to South Africa? Watch FACETIOUS, a new project from the Vans South Africa skate team. From Cape Town to Johannesburg and all the way to Kimberley, these guys skate it all, from 17ft pools to slappy curbs, gritty ass skateboarding, the way it should be!

Featuring Boipelo Awuah, Brendan Dyamonds, Brett Shaw, Chappies Galant, Chenai Gwadure, Dallas Oberholzer, Daniel Miltiadou, Ethan Cairns, Joubert van Staden, Kyle Kheswa, Melissa Williams, Tkay Modise,Trae Rice, Wynand Herholdt and Yann Horowitz.

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