Vans Skateboarding Signs Adaptive Skateboarder Felipe Nunes

Vans is excited to announce the addition of adaptive skateboarder Felipe Nunes to the Vans Family. The announcement is also marked by National Disability Independence Day, which is the anniversary of the ADA act being signed into law, prohibiting discrimination, and guaranteeing those with disabilities the same opportunities as others.

At just 21 years old, Felipe has already achieved more than most of his non-adaptive counterparts. Hailing from Curitiba Paraná, Brazil, he lost his legs at age six in a train accident. But by age 13 he had found freedom and a creative outlet in skateboarding and quickly began gaining recognition from the global skateboarding community. In a short four-year window, Felipe won multiple contests, receiving a nod from Tony Hawk to officially turn pro for the Birdhouse team and landing the coveted Thrasher Magazine cover.

Felipe’s mantra is simple: “No excuses!” It’s a concept he applies to every facet of his life. His goal is to inspire people through skateboarding and promote positivity within the skate community wherever he goes. And he’s not taking that statement lightly; His aspirations include competing in the 2024 Paralympics, as adaptive skateboarding looks to be added to the mix.

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