Vans Europe Presents: Synthesize Me

Sam Partaix, Vans’ French team manager, decided to bring the girls from his crew to Marseille this past summer to discover the second biggest city in France. In between games of “pétanque” at La Friche Belle-de-Mai, Marseille calanques & old port, the squad spent 10 days hitting all the new skate spots and DIYs Marseille had to offer with some of the best upcoming skaters from all over Europe. Keep your eyes peeled for more and more content from these girls in the future
Skaters :
Jeanne Duval
Lisa Jacob
Alix Malnati
Madeleine Larcheron
Romane Panossian
Chloé Bernard
Louisa Menke
Helena Long
Amanda Perez
Miriam Marino
Guest skaters :
Benjamin Raitano
Samuel Partaix
Tom Belot
A video by :
Romain Batard

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