Vans Europe Presents: Check Mate

In 2021, the Vans Dutch skateboarding team decided to hop on the train to check out some modern architecture in Rotterdam, Utrecht and The Hague. What started out as film with Jip Koorevaar and Tjerk Oosting, quickly turned out to be more than that.

Over the course of a year, the crew captured lots of content, with more skaters joining the party. The video evolved into something bigger than just a part and celebrated the wider Dutch Vans skate family.

This new video project features : Tjerk Oosting, Bert Roeterdink ,Nick Bax, Hugo Snelooper, Sebastiaan Vijverberg, Jip Koorevaar, Tomas De Keulenaer, Pascal Moelart, Rob Maatman and friends.

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