Vans Europe Presents: Buona Compagnia

Last summer, Tom the cooler and the whole VANS EMEA crew visited Milan and the Swiss/Italian border to check out some of that Italian marble in between swimming sessions in the local lakes of the area.

Skaters: Chris Pfanner, Mattia Turco, Marco Kada, Rob Maatman, Schianta Lepori, Willow Voges, Fernandes Martino, Cattaneo Helena Long, Andrea Carugo, Victor Pellegrin, Samuel Norgren, Albert Nyberg, Flo Marfaing, Sergio Reinhardt Aurora, Steri Miriam Marino.

Filmed by: Max Pack Paul Labadie Jon Wolf

Edited by: Paul Labadie

Titles & animations by: Mike O‘Shea

Photography by: Davy Van Laere

Music Credits: Do It Rodger - Zapp And Rodger Pizza - Ruth Wallis Parade - Kevin Morby

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