TJ Rogers “Steady Pushing” – Episode 4 – Weary Travellers

Vancouver here we come!

TJ Rogers’ month long mega-tour of his old skate stomping grounds concludes as the van rolls out of Calgary headed for the western seaboard and the end of the skating road for Steady Pushing.

Stopping first in picturesque Banff, Alberta to session what might be the most photogenic skatepark in the world, TJ then heads to Kootenay, British Columbia to visit Driftopia, another off-grid skateboarding getaway, this time owned by Daniel ‘Alien’ Nelson, and where the entire Emerica team once showed up. The story of Driftopia is one which will resonate with everyone inside and outside of the Canadian skate scenes who knew Josh Evin, the inspiration behind the loveheart bowl there. Bidding goodbye to Alien and his magical project, all roads lead to Vancouver where TJ meets skate photographer Norma Ibarra to find out how skateboarding in Canada is changing, and TJ’s constant skate companion Mitch Barrette tells his own incredible winding life story. A month on the road, a whole country-worth of skate scene snapshots and fascinating stories needing to be told went into Steady Pushing.

We started episode 4 in beautiful Banff and TJ proceeded to destroy the Banff park in about 20 minutes. Switch back tail.
Mitch Barrette, backside smithgrind
TJ Rogers and Jordan Moss
TJ Rogers and Mitch Barrette
Next stop, Driftopia
Driftopia mastermind, Daniel "Alien" Nelson
TJ Rogers, full cab at Driftopia
Mitch Barrette, smith grind at Driftopia
Adam Georges and Adam Hopkins
TJ Rogers, tailslide
Adam Georges, backside smithgrind
Thanks for having us Alien!
TJ Rogers nollie heelflip noseslide
Erick Valentic, Tyjah Farrugia Armstrong, Jordan Moss, TJ Rogers, Scot Power and Mitch Barrette enjoy a quick dip while driving across BC
Vancouver here we come
Big Sexy, noseslide
TJ, frontside noseslide
Norma Ibarra
Maddy Balt, Alexis MacRae, Norma Ibarra, Alexandra Kolebniak
Maddy and Norma
Big Sexy
TJ Rogers
Mitch Barrette backside tailslide
TJ Rogers switch frontside 180
TJ Rogers and Jordan Moss
TJ, switch backside nose blunt slide
Thanks for being the GOAT Mitch!

All photos by Dan Mathieu

If you'd like to watch the whole series, its here.

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