TJ Rogers 'Steady Pushing' - Episode 2 - La Belle Province

Hop in the van! TJ Rogers’ Steady Pushing bandwagon leaves behind his childhood home in Ontario, headed across Canada to show us the skate scenes that made him.
Episode 2 finds TJ bringing his sunshine energy to the skate scenes of Quebec, linking up first with Alexis Lacroix to hit up the super Saint - Jérôme skatepark, and then travelling hours out of the city to the foot of Mont Tremblant where Sebastian Petit of the Montréal’s Projet 45 DIY crew is building The Skateboard Ranch in the Canadian wilderness.
After a night spent learning about this little hidden slice of skateboarding paradise, TJ hightails it down into Montréal in search of bagels, skate collectives and the fabled Big O, one of the world’s most iconic- but treacherous- skatespots.

TJ Rogers skateboards
Marie Anne Louis-Charles
Marie Anne Louis-Charles
Jon Consentino
TJ Rogers
bird's eye view of the Skateboard Ranch
Etienne Deshaies
TJ Rogers interviews Sebastien Petit at the Skateboard Ranch
TJ Rogers, Francis Bourgouin Larose and Alexis Lacroix at The Skateboard Ranch
Gab Galipeau
TJ Rogers
Erick Valentic and Jon Cosentino

All photos by Dan Mathieu

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