The Local Invitational 2023


The Local Invitational is a Cash contest. The Local invites 25 riders from all over Ontario where only 1 will be Crowned The Local invitational Champion.

This year Ben Paterson took the Crown,Trophy, Cash and bragging right. But he did fight for it with Jon Cos doing what he does best, landing shit and getting cash as well. Def highlight of the event was after the contest we had a Mini Putt contest using the skate park it was hella jokes and Crewshaw hit the hole in one, it was pandemonium people were loving it. And being at Beas it just was a whole vibe.



Greg Keating 

Hailey May Rudolph


Jay Gibson

Ben Paterson

Bailey Seager

Jared Vrysella

Shaun Shimada

Jon Cos

Connor Bryan Oliver

Jon Cos

Ben Paterson


Photos by Damien Gordon



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