The infamous Slam City Jam 10

Wow this takes us back. Murray Siple produced this with Alex Chalmers in 2003.

It's a mockumentary on a fictional skater, aka Renee Renee, who gets knocked out skateboarding and in his dream state, ends up hosting Slam City Jam.

Slam 10 features the best trick contest at Hastings Skatepark, the last man standing event at Hastings, skateboard hockey, beer run at Seylynn, and of course the main events: street and vert.

Featuring: Alex Chalmers, Harold Hunter, Omar Hassan, Chris Senn, Kevin Staab, Steve Caballero, Mike McGill, The Jaks, Mike Vallely, Jeff Dermer, Rick McCrank, Dave Carne, Colin McKay, Double Diamond, Jeffro Halliday, Ryan Sheckler, Carlos de Andrade, Chris Haslam, Ryan Smith, Paul Machnau, Bill Danforth, Vanessa Torres, Lauren Perkins, Monica Shaw, Sandro Dias, Jake Brown, Shaun White.

If you were too young to make it out to a Slam City Jam contest, this video captures the era perfectly.

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