SURYA - Street Feet Skateboarding

"The focus of the trip was to check out the less skated places around Asia where skateboarding was present but still new. We started in Vietnam, flew to China to meet with the rest of the crew and took a train across the southern part of the country. From there, we flew to South India where we took another train from the east to the west coast of Kerala. Yet another flight, this time to Indonesia, and then Myanmar, where we took a 19 hour train across country with no sleeper class.

India was tough - a 50 person crowd would flock to and surround the spot as we warmed up, making it nearly impossible to film. By far, the most difficult part of the trip was dealing with the weather. Upon arrival in Asia, it was the hottest time of the year, averaging 40 degrees during the day and by the time we arrived in Myanmar, it was monsoon season, which meant sporadic thundershowers mixed with blazing sun 2-3 times a day.

Over the course of the trip, we skated with the first skateboarders in India, Myanmar and Cambodia. In Yangon, Myanmar, one of the first skateboarders runs a mobile skateshop out of a truck and delivers product to anyone who needs it. Basic gear isn’t readily accessible and the guys here have learned how to skate from Youtube – humbling to say the least." –Rob Mentov

Rob is still abroad working on a separate project with the first skateboarders in Cambodia.

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