Steady Pushing with TJ Rogers

Steady Pushing with TJ Rogers explores the fringes of Canadian skateboarding on a summer long road trip. From the streets of TJ Rogers’ hometown of Whitby to secret skateboard compounds deep in the forests of Quebec and British Columbia, to the wind-swept prairie plains, and beyond, Steady Pushing invites the viewer on an epic cross-country journey, chronicling the faces and places that make Canadian skate culture so special.

TJ with Erick Valentic
Joe Buffalo and Jordan Moss
Driving across the Prairies
Marie Anne Louis-Charles
TJ Rogers, Marie Anne Louis-Charles and Jordan Moss in Montreal
TJ Rogers, frontside 180
Mitch Barrette backside tailslide
Claude Regnier teaches TJ Rogers to slaloms
TJ Rogers tre flip
Erik Penton, kickflip
Fane Smeall, backside tailslide
TJ Rogers frontside noseslide at Driftopia
Adam George and Adam Hopkins
TJ Rogers reviews footage with his dad and filmer Jordan Moss.

All photos ©Dan Mathieu / Red Bull Content Pool

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