Speaking of Freedom - a documentary about Freedom Plaza

"Speaking of Freedom" is a documentary, directed by George Howard and sponsored by sPACY cLOUd, that is about the role the freedom plaza plays for the Washington, DC skate community, explained by the skaters who have come from near and far just to skate here.
A lot of the news coverage about the future of Freedom Plaza fails to include the perspectives of the skaters in a meaningful way. I was inspired to make this film to give those who are interested in the plaza's future an opportunity to hear what makes the plaza a special place directly from the people who spend time there on a consistent basis.
It’s a mashup of interviews of skaters expressing their thoughts about what freedom plaza means to them and their experience skating there. It is not a complete history of the plaza, but more of a glimpse into the culture that surrounds the plaza. The film also touches on the historical significance that freedom plaza plays beyond skateboarding. Buried underneath Freedom Plaza is a time capsule from the 80s containing MLK’s bible, which was planned to be uncovered in 2088. The film concludes with an edit of skate clips filmed at Freedom Plaza.
This film premiered at the Kennedy Center earlier this month and will be screening again at Brackish Waters Skateshop in National Harbor, MD on October 7th.
Anyone interested in supporting the movement to keep freedom plaza skatable can sign the petition in @crushedskateshop Instagram Bio.
Directed by - @GH.mov

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