"Living in North Vancouver, Matt Wasylyk started filming with Nate Buchinger back in April 2019. Later on that year, Matt moved from North Van to a place in East Vancouver and after being evicted from his new place thanks to a shitty roommate, he ended up at the Skeena house, where he met Larry Bird, Ryan Lepore, Steph Bottin and Clinton Cameron. The crew decided to combine all of our their footage and continue filming through the summer.

"In November Matt broke his ankle and that’s when he decided to get in the editing chair and put together 'Skeena'."

Featuring: Larry Bird, Jack Perry, Clinton Cameron, Nate Buchinger, Ryan Lepore, and Steph Bottin.

Filmed by: Matthew Wasylyk, Spencar Miller, Ryan Lepore, Clinton Cameron, Shari White, Angelo Fajardo, and Liam Porter.

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