Skating Transylvania

Under the guise of skating with up-and-coming Romanian skater Mihnea Groseanu, but with hopes of spooking themselves while visiting Dracula's old stomping grounds, Johan Stuckey, Aidan Campbell, Vladik Scholz, Philipp Schuster and Barney Page recently visited Transylvania.

You can check out the whole article, shot and written by Sam McGuire right here

Be sure to scroll through for the video that Patrick Wallner put together. Romania looks to have the perfect mix of plaza spots, gothic arcitecture, and beautifully spooky countrysides.


Wondering about some of those shots showing a sort of lit up underground scene? We were too. That's Salina Turda, a 2000 year old salt mine that's been converted into a museum and theme park. We dont' know if there's anything to skate in the former mine, but this place just looks amazing. Read more about it here.

Check out the video of Johan Stuckey and friends skating Transylvania right here:

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