Sk8 Skates Welcomes Julian Kelly

Last month in Winnipeg, before Sk8 Skates premiered their new video, "Compulsive Behaviour", the team surprised Julian Kelly by welcoming him to the team with a short video part before the intro to the video. Tyler Geurts, the man behind the new video, had this to say about his new teammate:

"Julian is a fucking cool dude. I don’t mean that like he’s a 'cool guy', because he’s the total opposite of that. Jules doesn’t give a shit and he ain’t trying to put on a show or impress you. At only 20 years old, he’s 11 years younger than me, yet I feel like I’m the hyper overactive kid and he’s the calm laid back old dude. He’s as cool and mellow as a man of twice his years.

He’s got hella pop, and like me he can’t skate Nollie or Switch. I’m backing him, and Sk8 Skates is fully backing him, which is why we’re putting him on the Sk8 team."

"Compulsive Behaviour" will be premiering in daily parts over the next two weeks, starting Monday.

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