Ricardo Napoli - Photo Gallery

Ricardo Napoli is a Brazilian photographer and videographer who lived in New York city for 15 years and now lives in Toronto. 

Before covid happened, Ricardo was getting to know people in Toronto, shooting with Jon Cos, Lukas Frank and others for a new video project that was gonna include footage from Barcelona, Brazil and Toronto but after covid, he took a break on this project while waiting for better times to come.

So in the meantime, please enjoy this photo gallery featuring some of Ricardo’s rad photography as well as Ricardo’s first full length video, “CIAO”.

“The diversity of styles, personalities, and cultures in NYC are what make skateboarding there exceptional. Ricardo Napoli’s video “CIAO” is dedicated to the creative minds from the five boroughs and across the globe, who make the city what it is.”

"CIAO” was filmed between 2017-2019.

Check out more from Ricardo here.

Adelmo Jr, switch ollie and Quim Cardona, ollie
Alex Carolino, nollie flip
Carlos Iqui, switch frontside flip
Evandro Martins gets blunted
Pedro Henrique, backside noseblunt slide
Kento Yoshioka, wallie
Kaio Hillebrand
Patrick Vidal, switch ollie
Patrick Vidal
Bruno Aguero, 180 Nosegrind
Felipe Oliveira, willy grind 180 out
Tiago Lemos, nollie heelflip noseslide
Jarrod Brandreth, backside smith grind


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