Kyle McCluskey in "Rhonda"

"Like much of what’s happened since this past March, Rhonda wasn’t really a planned effort. Without much else to do in Halifax this summer but drink, skate, and collect government cheques, I found myself at the park more than ever before. Kyle McCluskey and I happened to be there together a lot, and I always loved watching him skate, so we decided to venture into the streets for a change of scenery—Rhonda tells the rest of the story. 

"Halfway through the summer I decided to move to Toronto to find some new work opportunities, so we finally had a clear mandate: film as much as possible before the end of August. Thankfully we still found time to shoot cameos of the other members of our groupchat (Ryan Ackles and David Williams) before the cut-off. The video wouldn’t have felt complete without their involvement. (Thanks guys!)

"Although she never appears on screen, Kyle’s 2008 Kia Rondo (who has affectionately been dubbed Rhonda), got us to and from every spot, and kept our adrenaline pumping with wobbly highway drives, questionable suspension, and doors that often decided to stay locked. However, safe arrivals day after day outweighed the hell she otherwise put us through on the road. In the end, she was an obvious choice for our video’s namesake." —Adrian Schaap

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