Rags2Bitches *

Some up-and-coming (mostly)Calgary skaters compiled the best footage from their trips to New York, Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver, and maybe more places over the last summer, sandwiched it in around some crude cartoons, and came up with "Rags2Bitches *".

Some stand-out clips include:

Tremaine Glasgow's Hardflip for the big homies at 3:41;

Jason Park's Switch Heel and Switch Flip combo at 4:52;

Tristan Henry's bank-to-wall dancing at 6:37;

Quinton David's Nollie Inward Heelflip at 10:34.

Featuring, in order of appearance:

Cole Avramovic, Kamron Edmonds, Brandon Dick, Tremaine Glasgow, Ty Peterson, Louie Elliott, Cody Baker, Jason Park, Tristan Henry, and Quinton David.

Filmed by Sam McGowan, Quinton David, and Tremaine Glasgow.

Edited by Tremaine Glasgow.

Check out the previous video from this crew, "Blue Cookie".

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