Last weekend out in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the annual Pro Skates Bowl Jam went down at the Commons skatepark. In addition to that, a party was held at the shop beforehand to show the new Pro gear, along with an archive of all the old Pro shirts from the last 30+ years, as well as a mini ramp jam. Dig the video above and scroll down for photos from the weekend, shot by Adrian McLean, Steve Hayes and Mark Music.

The Pro crew would like to thanks: Sean and Chad at Grand Trading, Justin at Supra Dist., Mike at Ultimate, Frank at Centre, Cuz Brand, Nova Scotia Skate Wax, Johnny and Conor at Vans, Alienation, B.P.S. and DiamondTown for playing, Steve Hayes, Adrian McLean and Mark Music for shooting photos, Helium Balloons and every fucking skateboarder in Halifax. 

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