The North Star, Niqirtsuituq, or l’Étoile du Nord; regardless of its name, Polaris serves the same goal across lands and seas, guiding people on their journey.

Polaris is a one-of-a-kind project featuring diverse communities of non-traditional skateboarders across so-called Canada who are paving the way to inclusion while doing what they love, skateboarding.
Produced by Norma Ibarra, in collaboration with Emanuele Barbier and Marie Anne Louis-Charles, Polaris aims to be what it preaches: communal. Several filmers and photographers have contributed their visions throughout this video and zine.
Main Filmers:
Emanuele Barbier, Daria Dayle, Yom Tong, Kayle Beyhay Hayashi and Norma Ibarra
Main Photographers:
Chantal Garcia, Jess Sung, Marlene Hielema and Norma Ibarra.

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