Coming out of Victoria and featuring a crew centred around Goodnews Skateshop, "Pinner" is a great video package of skateboarding with a bevy of photos sliced in between clips. Early on we see some flip-in/flip-out mastery from Luke Gonis and make a brief stop at Sixside with Jeremy Randall. Moving on, River Tavis slides through with some style, with Phoenix Saugstad enters the picture by way of eating shit followed by too many Breton crackers. Carter Spinks comes through later with that extra bit of power you tend to find at the end of videos, and then Dylan Timmins caps it all off with enough extra speed to gap his way out of anything, while still taking the time to pet a cat before riding through a kinked and beautifully lit 50-50. Feeling that wasn't enough, Dylan takes a Brandon Biebel classic down a double set, before finishing the video off with a very un-Biebel-like triple two-trucker.

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