Piita Aapasskaan

Kyle Young Pine grew up skateboarding in Mohkinstsis (Calgary) Alberta. The community and the freedom he found there removed him from the substance use that was happening at home, a result of pervasive generational trauma.

He was never taught in the Blackfoot ways, his urban upbringing was far from the Blood Tribe lands, which challenged Kyle to find his true identity. When skateboarding wasn’t enough, Kyle turned to other means of coping, until he was introduced to Fancy Feather Dancing at a local powwow. Kyle now uses the art form to express himself, educate others on the power of Blackfoot traditions, and help others on their addiction recovery journey.

The title of this beautiful short film, "Piita Aapasskaan” is Blackfoot for Eagle Fancy Dancer, which is Kyle Young Pines elder received name.

The story of Kyle Young Pine is to be used a beacon of hope and empowerment for those who have been affected by generational trauma or those exposed to the stigmas of substance abuse
Story by
Kyle Young Pine

Written by
Brock Davis Mitchell

To learn more about the film, and get some resources for addiction recovery visit https://piitaaapasskaan.com

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