First meeting back in 2015, The Evisen and Pass~Port team shared many similarities; their love for skateboarding, karaoke, outrunning security and drinking well into the early hours of the morning.

Filmed in Tokyo, Sydney and Sapporo, "HOT POT" takes us on a journey of intercontinental destruction.


Featuring: Jack O’Grady, Callum Paul, Kento Yoshioka, Adelaide Norris, Matthieu Lucas-D’Souza, Kotora Mitani, Alex ”Tenny” Tennison, Seimi Miyahara  

Matlok Bennett-Jones, Sam Sutton, Laurence Keefe, Yuma Takei , Shor West, Mikey Mierzynski, Maru, Bernie Foo, Trent Evans & Katsumi Minami 

Special Guests: Anthony Mapstone & Dante Narita-Johnson  

Filmed By: Geoff Campbell, Naoya Morohashi & George Kousoulis

Additional Filming By: Takuya Izumi, Katsumi Minami, Cameron Frazer, Jack Diaz & Tim Cobden                            

Photography By: Samuel Coady & Changsu

Produced & Edited By: Pass~Port & Evisen 



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