One More

Here in Trois-Rivières, QC, we have a small DIY and the land was sold last year so I thought i’d immortalize the spot before it would get shut down. The new owner told us he didn’t care if we kept skating until demolition would begin this summer 2020. So I got a bunch of friends and asked them to meet every week and make one more short film like we used to. The crew is Fob, Paul Montembault, David Trépanier, David Newbury, David Lemire, Danick Bastien, Yanick Nolet, Dan Baribeau, Francis Delisle, Micke Lemay and Phil Lachance. This was a good opportunity to fire up my new 16mm film camera that I had just got and needed to test it out before using it on paid gigs. So I shot all the skating in full HD and all the B-roll stuff was done on 16mm and super 8. —Dominic Grimard

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