Official P-Tek Cup Vid

August 14th 2010 the PTEK CUP! What a day! If you missed it well then you have come to the right place to see a bit of what went down. Some of the area's best and upcoming talent came out to compete and throw down that day. Not just for Prizes and Glory, for Blood, Sweat, Tears and most of all from the Heart. On behalf of Kim, Rachel and Myself we would like to extend thanks to Everyone at S n J Sales, Ryan Stutt and Kingshit, Rob and Julie from Blue Tile Lounge, Glenn and Warren Ounjian from Cardinal Skateshop, Mike, Geoff and Beavr from Switch Skateshop, The TLG Family Brad, Fowler, Bernal, BingLee , Matie Eagen and Adidas, Real Skateboards, Chad Albert and Element Skateboards, Wayne Richard and his Circa hotdogs, Glencoe, Jeff Macdonald, Chris Szymr, Will Huebert, Skip Crosby and the Community of Courtice, and most of all the riders, parents and friends for coming out to make the day so fantastic. I hope to see you all next year as this is only going to get bigger and better. Now please enjoy this video of the day filmed and produced by Justin Vandergrass !


Brian Vince, Kim Bullock, Rachel Piontek


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