"My Love" by The Source


My Love – A film produced by Calgary skateboarder and videographer Branden Wren for The Source Snowboards and Skateboards. Featuring team riders Ashton Dobler, Malik Walker, Jesse Ingrilli, Jace Sthamann, Dylan Righthand, Darcy Tran, Jayson Guenther, Branden Wren and Ryan Fyfe-Brown. 

Three years in the making, Branden’s film showcases footage from Calgary, Vancouver, New York City, Mexico City and Los Angeles. My Love is the shared passion of skateboarding and community that our team have built and perpetuated within our shop. The Source could not be more proud of the dedication and hard work our team put into making this video. Enjoy! 

My love, Your Love, Our Love, Skateboarding. 

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