“MILO” is a new video by filmer and friend of DLX Andres Garcia, dedicated to the loving memory of his close friend Camilo Enriquez. Featuring a grip of amazingly talented skaters such as Patrick Praman, Tanner Burzinski, Davis Sarvey, and Dylan Jaeb just to name a few, plus a full part from up-and-comer Gavin Bottger to close the video out with a bang. If you want to get stoked to skate today this is the video for you. Enjoy!

featuring: Max McLaughlin, Smiler Cruise Mosberg, Anthony Delgado, Ozbaldo Colon, Josh Herrmann, Davis Sarvey, Patrick Praman, Cato Dobbs, Dylan Jaeb, Jake Cortez, Tanner Burzinski, Jake Eaton, Toby Ryan and Gavin Bottger.

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