via Levi Switzer and the rest of the Medicine Hat Skateboard Association:

"We are a group of skaters looking to make a difference in this world and we want to show you how simple it can be to change a life for the better.

We drove a bus load of 40 kids and leaders to Ensenada, Mexico with the hope to impact a country, a family—we built a house for a single mom of 3, we roofed a large building at a rescue home for trafficked women and poured a concrete wall ride at a local youth centre for the locals to skate and build community. Through all of this we built relationships with the locals, we brought 120 prom dresses down to give to the girls home to help them celebrate their coming of age parties. We held a skate comp at the new obstacle after we built it and we had a blast. After all the hard work we skated the Berrics and Nyjah’s private park. 

We dont say all this to pat ourselves in the back, that’s useless. We share this stuff to let everyone know that they have it within themselves to give back and make a difference in someone’s life. We want everyone to know the exhilarating and empowering feeling you get from helping someone in need. The fulfillment and life change that you receive from impacting someone deeply is massive. We walked away as different men and women and we want to encourage you guys to do the same—in your own local community, across the world, whatever! If you’re near us, come hang with us anytime. Follow our trips and events and skate sessions at @medhatskate , or"

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