Traffic Skateboards always comes through with videos showcasing skateboards full adapting to the streets, and their new video, Look Left, looks like it will be no exception. Check out Kevin Coakley's part from the video below.

Via Theories of Atlantis:

Kevin Coakley is not afraid to put in the serious work to make a great skate video part come together. In what was his break-out part in the Blueprint video "Make Friends With the Colour Blue" years back, he pretty much set a new standard for the amount of raw, never before seen spots in one part. But even after putting out tons of footage and even other parts since then, he has done it again with his incredible part in the new Traffic Skateboards video "Look Left".

With a perfect combination of amazing spots, great trick selection, an amazingly well-fitting song and the perfect backdrop of the Traffic Skateboards vibe, Kevin has achieved yet another awesome part to be proud of. So click the video below, grab some snacks and enjoy yet another amazing Kevin Coakley part.

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