Jamboree Kids


Shot predominately in Cape Breton, Jamboree Kids is the skate video with orange pop in a Styrofoam cup in one hand and a hotdog with just ketchup in the other. Rueben Tuplin, Jamie MacDonald, Shane Wilkie, Michael Cipak, Tanner Leudy, Stefane Samson and more Screamin’ Eagles soared above a pandemic, injuries and seemingly endless camera issues for the love of the game.  Take a look into the close knit skate scene in Sydney and surrounding communities in this slap shot of a skate video.   

Video by Shane Wilkie 

Special thanks to Highline Boardshop and Pension Clothing 

Scroll down for photos by Harry Doyle

Jamie MacDonald, Hippy Jump.
Shane Wilkie, Fakie Ollie.
Michael Cipak, Boneless.
Rueben Tuplin, Crook to fakie.
Shane Wilkie, Ollie.

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