Since their local skatepark, Beasley, has been under reconstruction since March, a group of Hamilton skaters we've been hitting the streets and bombing all of the hills they can find along the Hamilton Escarpmentthe namesake of the video. "Escarpment" is filled with sketchy hills, rough ground, semi-rural spots, and spontaneous skateboarding. The lack of next to any signage or visible ads in the video, along with the anonymous looking apartment and suburban blocks makes Hamilton look like it could fit into the post-industrial landscape of Eastern Europe just as easily as it fits into that of Southern Ontario.

The video features Conner Drake, Mike Schnittker, Nate Belgrave, Alex Mcmillan, Chen Guevarra, Jason Gibson, Danny Byrne, Alex Sneddon, Dominik Wisniewski and Grant Patterson, with filming and editing by Justin O'Connor. In keeping with the theme of local pride and nostalgia, the first track is by a 70's Hamilton band, Simply Saucer.

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