From the mind and through the lens of Ethan Craig comes "Do It Again", starting off with the smooth flow and flowy pants of Aleka Lang, who's been living on that DC 90s tip for a minute now. Drake Carruthers samples a wide variety of outcomes to a big wind-up 360 Ollie, while Dallas Lang backs him up with his nonchalant hype that simmers on that same tip that Aleka is on. Ryan Lepore changes up the style, boldly daring dumpsters and thrashing across canoes on a False Creek portage break. Isaac Walker closes out the video by achieving a new balance while avoiding a narrow path, while his griptape claims to kill you, along with his non-essential accessories. After some battle fatigue-clothed clips, Isaac bangs out a heavy manual combo and then shuts it all down with a Fakie Heelflip down a classic stack.

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