Yet another Coping Bash has come and gone from the heart of Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, and it was another contest and bash for the ages. In the end, Kassy Bailey took the women's contest, Adam Hopkins—a man possessed—took the men's contest, and 3 turned out to be a confusing yet still magical number. Check out this video recap from Out Of Step Productions and scroll on down for some photos from Jeff Thorburn.

Thanks to Powell Beer, Whistler Water, Antisocial Shop, and SBC Restaurant for once again making the Coping Bash happen.

The women's champ, Kassy Bailey, making the pool coping bark.

Shari White opts for the relative quietness of the metal coping and the silence of a stopped Smith, while simultaneously shunning the spotlight.

Alexis MacRae floats a frontsider downstream.

Cat Moreau feels the fun of a frontside grind.

Merrick Orr tweaking while flexing a 'tude beyond his years.

Merrick thumbs his nose at the establishment while picking his nose on the drink ledge.

The guy that's always higher than everyone—at least inside SBC—James Clarke.

Possessed, right? Adam Hopkins reels in a hot FSA.

Undeterred by the now tombstone-less coping, Adam Gee once again plants an invert.

Making use of the pool coping while it's clear, Mikey Ray digs right into a Nosegrind.

At first it might smell like a Stalefish, but sniff a little bit longer and you'll discover it's in fact a fresh and rare Roast Beef.

When the madness down below temporarily subsided, Jeff Matheson travelled high to low in a most melancholic fashion.

Jeff again, captured via the ever-so-rare butt shot that almost/sorta/kinda works.

Possessed to skate or possessed by Satan? Adam Hopkins grabs tail and grinds nose across the Dark Lord's Lounger.

Stepan Soroka Tailblocks on Lucifer's Lay-Z-Boy to end the evening.

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