Chris Shannon

Age?: 20

Hometown?: Toronto, ON

When and where was this part filmed?: Started filming in 2017 I think and finished in 2018. Mostly Toronto, and an 8 day New York trip.

Sponsors?: Adrift Skate Shop, Skate Loft, New Balance and Primitive through Canada connects.

Dream skate sponsor?: Dream skate sponsor? I don't know. As long as I’m having fun I don’t really think about sponsors. Basically have everything I need already. Maybe would be dope to see a package of Bones Swiss’s someday. 

Dream non-skate sponsor?: Dream non-skate sponsor?! Now we’re talking. Cadillac please and thanks. I want a brand new Escalade, and a coupe de ville from the 70’s. Including a gas card. Or... any burrito spot will do.

Interests outside of skateboarding?: I’m pretty into leaving the city when I’m not skating.. cottage, camping, day trip to a lake to do some fishing or something.

Job/School?: I have a full-time job working as a fire alarm technician. Currently in school to finish my apprenticeship, it’s dope. I enjoy working.

What's next?: Uhh. For now I’m working, finishing school, enjoying skating, and hanging out with the homies as much as possible. Leaving the city whenever I can, and just trying to enjoy my life. Playing the cards that are handed to me. Just want to thank Chris for always motivating me to get out and film. When you work full time it can be hard to force yourself to go out and skate street, I usually want to just chill and skate a park. He always thinks of spots, gives good trick ideas, and never makes me feel bad if I’m taking a while (I usually do). Mad love dawg.

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