Check Out: Charlie Foubert

Age? 20.
Hometown? Collingwood, Ontario.
When and where was this part filmed? Vancouver. I moved there in May of 2018 and recently moved back home in March.
Local shop? Fathom Boards.
Sponsors? None. Free agent.
Dream skate sponsors? Vans, Independent, Dickies, Spitfire, Bones bearings, Antihero. 
Dream non-skate sponsor? Circle K. 
Best advice you’ve received?  "Win if you can, lose if you must, cheat always."
Do you have a job? HVAC mechanic apprentice.
Are you in school? No.
Interests outside of skateboarding? Couple pints and a BBQ with the homies.
What’s next? Keep filming until the wheels fall off.

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