“CALEB”, a film by Marcus Letts is the first from the director. Usually known for his work in the music world having amassed millions of views across YouTube as well as music association gold plaques , Marcus has now changed course briefly to bring his directorial debut , in the form of a short film to the world .


“CALEB” is the story of a misfit 17 Year old black kid, struggling to find where he fits in, dealing with the pressures of an Academics focused mom, preppy private school friends, and a cousin who’s ends don’t necessarily justify his means. The film gives us an insight on a few days in our new friend Caleb’s life while he’s chasing the coveted letter of recommendation from Mr Barnes, to get into the best school of his choosing, however Caleb’s life has other plans….

Watch the teaser for CALEB! here

Unbeknownst to the public, half the cast of Caleb includes talented skateboarders , we thought it would be a good idea to showcase this in this edit shot at the Skate Loft.

Filmed and edited by Lawrence Veloso 
The skaters in the video are as follows, in order of appearance :

Alijah Racine 
Anthony Gebski 
Ryan Thompson 
Lawrence Veloso 
Quacey Williams Jalen Hill 
Jared Vrysellas Marcus Letts 

CALEB! will premiere on march 3rd 7:15 pm at the royal cinema 608 college street in Toronto. Get your ticket here.

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