Burn Yer Phone

Luddites rejoice! Burn Yer Phone is here. For all you Sony VX-1000 purists this downtown Toronto film is for you. Burn Yer Phone follows our hero as he gets high, focuses his friend’s cell phone and grabs a magical underwater VX to film the homies. It is a nod to the good old video days and a big “fuck you” to modern day technology. Burn Yer Phone earned one of our two

“Honorable Mentions” spots and was a favourite around the King Shit office.

It might not make you want to burn your phone but it is a statement piece that shows that there are still skaters out there more interested in the hand-over-the-lens than the next social media like. Congrats guys and keep fighting the good fight.

Starring: Zach Ferguson, Griffin Kirby, Brandon "Beaster" Bandula and Morgan Smith

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