Montreal's Roberto Presedo did it again. BOFFA starts with some gnar Peace Park footy to set the tone and it only gets better from there.

It's so good to see Gavin still skating the Tour de la Bourse gap 20 years later. Siméon's hair is fabulous, glad it didnt get ruined by the crooked grind slam. Who's the big brain dude skating with a headlight? Cool to see some OG's still ripping. Looking at you Jimmy, Matt and Seb.

Great vid, will watch again.



Siméon Chauvette, Thomas Galarneau, Jessy Jean Bart, James Dion, Mason Cluett, Emile Prenoveau, Vinny Blouin, Tommy Holweg, Evan Tanc, Doogie Lester, Matt Dupuis, Jimmy Bisson, Seb Lucas, Chris D’angelo, Oli Courchesne, Seb Carranza, Ethan Craig, Elliot Barriault, Dylan Kuhn, Morgan DT, Elian Calderin-Audet, Paul Krivonos

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