Some of the crew from Calgary continues to be invigorated by the opening of the new Ninetimes shop, this time turning their efforts into "Big Moves". The video opens with a Sam McGowan line from the much-loved-but-rarely-dry-or-ice-free Olympic Plaza, and a bit of time proceeds to tick by with clips from the suddenly-everywhere slat benches/banks/manny pads, and then some out of place palm trees. New Ninetimes blood Tristan Henry enters the fray, along with the man behind these videos, Quentin David, popping in and out with a torrent of two-truckers and a tight Wallie Frontside Boardslide Shuv-out. Tremaine Glasgow vibes on a rock, and boss man Jason Gordon powers through a nighttime line with speed and pop. Mike Campbell calmly but strongly puts in his two cents, and Tre pulls through with the previously-teased gap out to 50-50. The video wraps up with ample proof that there is nothing chicken about Tristan's bevy of Bonelesses.

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