Beasley skate park 30th Anniversary weekend

The 2023 Hamilton Beaz comp is a wrap. This year marked its 30th year, a legendary milestone etched in the annals of skateboarding history forever. As we bid farewell to yet another epic chapter, we're left with a burning hunger for more. Until next time, keep shredding, keep pushing, and keep the spirit of the Beaz alive!


Thanks the HSA (Hamilton Skateboard Assembly) for making it all happen all these years!

All photos by Damien Gordon Sekerak, Video by Pat Dunn with additional filming by 

Natalya Fumo and Denise Marie Alanna




Jason Knott, Kickflip Footplant


Bailey Seagar


Dan Rousseau, 5-0


Tyler Debathe, kickflip
Jeff Matheson, Blunt Slide
Wasted Age
Connor Bryan Oliver, backside 180
Cayde Mckinstray, kickflip
Dan Rousseau, Front Smith

Beaz comp 2023 from Pat Dunn on Vimeo.

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