BA.KU. in Japan

BAKU member Permafrost Corpse Eating Hraesvelgr is out in Japan right now skating with some fellow barrier enthusiast. In addition to premiering Horde II at Skull Skates Japan in Gifu, he's been skating all the 'crete his Japanese homies have put in front of him.

This initial transmission also features Torazawa Kenji and Also Hayashi. You'll see a mix of Front Rock fake-outs, laid back Front Feebles, chain wallets, fire, Feeble Stop Tail Grabs, all inside what looks to be a do-whatever-the-hell-you-want compound.

Be sure to check back here for more transmissions sent back to Canada from Permafrost Corpse Eating Hraesvelgr.

Additionally, check out our feature on the Barrier Kult here, featuring an interview with Mike McKinlay, the filmmaker charged with putting together "Horde 2", the long awaited follow-up to the first BAKU video.

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