We are pleased to bring you Vancouverite Audrey Kerridge's part from The Skate Witches new video, "SRSLY". Audrey and all of these ladies are rad skaters and people, and "SRSLY" is packed full of good vibes and skating. Dig Audrey's part, filmed and edited by Shari White, and if you are so inclined, further your stoke and support this crew by purchasing the DVD or digital download here.

While we have your attention, if you happen to be out on the west coast, you might be interested to know about a couple of upcoming events:

First, Skate Like A Girl is hosting the 9th annual Wheels of Fortune in Seattle, from May 4th to 6th.

The following weekend in Vancouver, the upgraded Quilchena Skatepark will play host to the 4th annual Stop Drop & Roll Grrls Skate Contest. 

Mark your calendars!

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