Antique Promo

The wonderful filming work of Quinn Goodwin leads one to memories of

bro-cam sessions between young skaters out on the streets. Not in the

sense of quality, Quinn knows what he’s doing, but in the sense of

creating fun, laid-back vibes which hypes everyone. I’m not sure

what it’s like to film with someone you don’t know for some

serious professional project, but I can’t imagine it being a good

time. The “ Original Antique motion picture vol. 1” came about

through 2 summers of filming mainly in Ottawa with a few Toronto

sessions peppered in to please the ever fiery yolo side of Mr. Adam

Scarabelli. Quinn is a close family member to our skate scene which is

why the filming never felt forced. We skated during the day, partied

at night, and before you could say “jumbo shawarma extra turnips”

Quinn informed us that there was enough footy for a promo. For me,

it’s a fantastic way of making a video: no pressure, no deadlines,

just letting the good times roll while having a good friend document

it all. Its a rare way of doing things nowadays with sponsors

breathing down the necks of editors for the production of a video, and

evidently it was awesome! Working on it made me feel like a youngster

and it can be seen as a good representation of the tightly knit skate

family we have here in our nation’s capital.

- Polish Adam

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