Anomalous: deviating from what is standard, normal, or expected.

2020 has proven to be the year of the anomaly where everything seems to be a once in a lifetime occurrence. We didn’t start this year with the intention of creating a full length skateboarding video. We never thought we would be filming a full video on our phones. We couldn’t have imagined that it would literally be against the law to be within 6 feet of your friends (so we’d be filming on tripods). We also didn’t know we were going to be sequestered to “The Atlantic Bubble”. Despite these hurdles and the many other obstacles this year has thrown our way every one of us decided to go all in on trying to make a dedicated full length without even owning an actual camera. 

Saint John, NB, is one of Canada’s best kept secrets when it comes to skateboarding. There is a huge community of individuals here that all get along and constantly push each other. There are no factions of skateboarders here, there are no competing skate shops, it’s just a big group of friends that want to help each other succeed. This video is the epitome of what can happen when you all work together to help each other shine. We all took our turns behind the phone, we pushed each other to go bigger, we helped get each other push our personal boundaries and the result is Anomalous. 

There is so much talent in this city alone and we are all thrilled that King Skate is helping us share this with the rest of Canada. We’ll be working with Quoi Skateboards on a vx video for 2021 and will be looking to use the proceeds from this video to buy a proper camera setup to have something even more special for 2022. Big things are coming from the Maritimes so stay tuned and thank you all for the support. —Scott Childs

Mark Winchester, Ollie. Photographed by Samuel Daigle.

Scott Childs, Switch 360 Flip. Photographed by Samuel Daigle.

Brian Chaston, Feeble. Photographed by Jeff Delong.

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