20 years of Palm Isle Skateshop

Palm Isle skateshop is as legit as is gets. Owners Oli Brunelle, Martin Gagnon and Frank Ouellet have been supporting and growing the scene for the past 20 years and for this, we salute you!
This 3 part edit is:
20 years of old and new shit
10 months of editing
400 editing hours
52 riders (37 Palm riders, 15 friends)
1 572 of 4 200 clips used
55GigaByte of footy
Hats off to Alex Degrace for his hard work putting all this together.


Part 1 features the first generation of Palm riders in 2000.

Alex DeGrace, Alex Servant, Fred Spenard, Christ St-Cyr, Sylvain Castillioux, Max Foisy, Max Bee, Merlin, JF Crevier, Mat Michaud, Nic Terrien, Martin Sénéchal


The 2st Gen of Palm Riders in 2005 was: Seb Carranzzzzza, Sam Chouinard, Hugo Balek, Jo Chartrand, Abra Kouyaté, Jepet, Vai Ké, Gino, Alex Beaulac, Félix Brault


The 3st Gen of Palm Riders in 2010 is: Ludovic Charbonneau, Jerome Lefebvre, Ian Tremblay Murray, Mason Cluett, Thamas Raposo, Pepper, pat Laflamme, Matis Dalfond, Alex Décotret.

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