14 years of Mitch Barrette footy


24 years ago today, Mitch Barrette got his first legit skateboard (Birdhouse deck on Walmart trucks).
To celebrate, Mitch decided to practice his editing skills and remixed some of his favourite and most memorable clips from over the years.
Footy filmed between 2006 and 2020 by
-Spencer Hamilton
-Tyler Holm
-Brian Shannon
-Tomas Morrison
-Jordan Moss
-David Delfino
-Devin Guiney
-Ian Docherty
-Sam Lind
-Jack Turner
-David shubat
-JS Lapierre
-Jordan Guzyk
-Jon Wolf
-Steve Farmer
-Jay Burles
-Cody Anderson
-Jordan Wiens
-Quin Goodwin
-Aaron Cayer

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